Internet Marketing

How to Sponsor a Podcast: Getting Started

I want to start by prefacing that there is no playbook on how to purchase podcast ads. Everything you read in this blog post is based on our research and the many hang-ups we experienced along the way. Podcast advertising isn’t a cut-and-dried initiative, and it requires a lot of upfront labor. What makes this...


How to Target International Users with SEO

88 percent of the world’s internet population is located outside of the United States. Therefore, if you’re currently only focused on targeting customers in the United States, there’s a lot more opportunity for international sales waiting for you. However, taking your business international brings some new things to think about regarding your SEO strategy, and...


What to Do If Your Conversion Rates Drop: A Checklist

One of the most stressful situations for marketers is to come into work only to find out that their conversion rates have dropped overnight. In the worst cases, that drop is wildly significant. It’s okay to panic. It’s what makes you human. To help alleviate that panic, we’ve created a checklist to assist you in...

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